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Mlékárna Olešnice, a.s.


About us

Olešnice Dairy, RMD is a traditional producer of Czech dairy products. Its production programme focuses on the production of high quality butter in a wide range of packaging, special curd, natural and flavoured cheeses and fresh milk. The high quality raw material from the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands and surrounding areas is a prerequisite for achieving such high quality production which never disappoints customers and encourages them to seek out Olešnice products in the future. Taste it and see for yourself!

However since no dairy produces its whole range of products in one place, consumers want the range to be as wide as possible, which means that the company also cooperates with other dairy companies and thus is able to offer a complete portfolio of products to suit everyone. Try it out and see for yourself!

" The long term satisfaction of our customers is confirmed by the popularity of Olešnice dairy products. Both the growing sales of our products and the public's interest in our products serve as our motivation and commitment."

5 reasons to choose us as your dairy product supplier:

  • We can consistently guarantee a high quality of our products
  • Thanks to modern technology and high processing demands, we achieve an above-average shelf-life of our products
  • Long shelf-life is achieved by adopting sound technological and environmental practices
  • we offer a wide range of products
  • we supply our products to both the Czech and foreign markets

Ownership structure

Olešnice Dairy, RMD is a purely Czech private company, its majority owner is the Czech company Interlacto, Ltd. which specialises in the field of milk processing. Today, Olešnice Dairy, farmer dairy cooperation is incorporated into the group of dairies along with Moravia Lacto , JSC and Bohemilk, JSC. This group is the third largest processor in the Czech Republic and contributes to supplying the Czech and European market. At the same time, this group is also a major exporter of dairy products around the world.


From a historical perspective, it is important to state that the dairy cooperative in Olešnice launched production on 23rd November 1937 processing the first 270 litres of milk per day in its newly constructed dairy. The production range consisted of milk, cream, butter, buttermilk, curd, ripened cheese and gouda. The dairy's cooperative form of ownership lasted until 1953, when the dairy was nationalised. It was subsequently incorporated into various dairy companies over time and during the last reorganization in the early sixties, was made part of the national enterprise Lacrum Brno. This situation continued until 1994, when it was privatised by dairy farming entities - suppliers of milk, once again in the form of farmer dairy cooperation (RMD). Interlacto, Ltd member shares were sold in 2006 in order to strengthen the market position and allow for greater specialisation within the group of processors. This plan has been implemented gradually since 2007.

Modernisation and capacity

Throughout its history, the dairy has undergone several renovations and conversions, in the late seventies it processed around 40,000 litres of milk daily, progressing to up 120, 000 litres of milk for processing daily in the eighties. The biggest changes happened in 2000, when production facilities were fundamentally modernised and production capacity was substantially expanded boasting first-rate hygiene standards, which helped to achieve a daily processing capacity of 200,000 litres of milk and cream with the possibility of increasing this further. Such changes made it possible to expand the range of products while also significantly increase the quality of processing raw materials, through which Olešnice Dairy, RMD has gained a strong position on both domestic and foreign markets.

Present day

The company currently ranks as one of the leading manufacturers of butter, special curds, cheese specialties, fresh milk, and especially natural Akawi cheese, which also assumes a large share of exports. Further development reveals that the company no longer has to rely solely on its longstanding tradition. An important step in this direction in recent years includes broadening the range of new curd types which meet the parameters of so-called functional foods, as well as evaluation of whey by means of concentration.

Since 2000, Olešnice Dairy, RMD has been the 100 % shareholder of Lacto Morava, JSC. This company carries out independent economic work, ensuring delivery of goods to customers primarily in the Zlín and Jesenicko areas. A significant part of the turnover occurs in the independent business network. It also deals with the distribution of imported products which are not produced in the Czech Republic and is working on expanding the business outside the country.


Alongside the development and product innovation, emphasis is also placed on improving the quality of all processes. Olešnice Dairy meets all the requirements of EU health and hygiene standards. Since 2004 it has been ISO 9002 and ISO 14000 certified.

The Olešnice Dairy, which is located on the outskirts of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands, predominantly purchases raw milk from the Blansko, Svitavy and Zdar districts, i.e. areas least affected in terms of ecology in the Czech Republic. Milk from local primary producers fully corresponds to all raw material requirements to produce high quality products.

Alongside innovation, emphasis is also placed on improving the quality of processes. The dairy meets requirements stipulated by EU health and hygiene standards. In 2002 it received ISO 9001:2000 certification, in 2009 BRC and IFS certification documenting the high level of conditions under which it operates.



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